Offworld Native

Concept, Art Direction, Design For this more developed concept I had a brightly colored southwestern Kachina (Katsina) inspired figure in mind, but updated with future-tech. After getting the idea down on paper I modeled the helmet in 3d, which I composited over photographic plates that I...

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A CG Lion character for Google AR created by 3d artist and designer John Niehuss at Buck.

Google AR

A fun mobile 3d AR project undertaken while I was staff at Buck. In this case I was tasked with developing a few character assets in 3d for Googles now defunct Tango AR platform. I was provided with approved artwork which I translated to 3d...

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Google Daydream VR Welcome

While staff at Buck I had the opportunity to work on some early tests for what eventually became a Google Daydream VR homescreen. They wanted to land in a 360 degree valley complete with running river and waterfall and my work resulted in this test...

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This globe represents my major contribution to an incredible campaign for Seed Matters. While at Buck I created the powers-of-10 pull-out shot in the piece – a massive amount of modeling, layout, lookdev, lighting and planning for a single fun shot. Throughout the rest of...

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Lumpies Pitch

Some examples of a 3d character exploration I created during the early stages of an internal project. I was originally provided with some simple 2d artwork for the character, which I then expanded upon in 3d to explore the look and get a feel for...

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Oreo Cadbury

For this gorgeous spot I contributed various 3d generalist stuff. Most fun for me was the creation (modeling, lookdev, fur) of the Kiwi character that was used in the Australian version of the spot. I was also responsible for the creation of the fuzzy blanket...

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Farmville 2

While at Buck in 2014 we worked with Zynga to create some exploratory style-frames and overall design guidance for their forthcoming Farmville 2 release. The original frame involved visualizing their Farmville world as a scale minature - bringing a real-world tactile aesthetic (complete with depth...

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A CG set and balloon ear created by artist and designer John Niehuss for Facebook while at Buck.

Facebook Made

While staff at Buck we worked on several projects for Facebook including this one featuring James Turrell inspired spaces, bizarre art installations, and whimsical Wonka-style machines. For my contributions I created, in their entirety, a few fully CG environments from asset creation to rigging, animation,...

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Telstra Critter

While at Buck in 2013 I worked on this fun spot for Australian telecom company 'Telstra' in a 3d generalist role - contributing modeling, animation and lighting / rendering. I modeled and animated all the hard-surfaced assets and their various transformations...

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