A CG set and balloon ear created by artist and designer John Niehuss for Facebook while at Buck.

Facebook Made

While staff at Buck we worked on several projects for Facebook including this one featuring James Turrell inspired spaces, bizarre art installations, and whimsical Wonka-style machines. For my contributions I created, in their entirety, a few fully CG environments from asset creation to rigging, animation,...

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A few images from a pitch deck for a Mini-Cooper project that fell through while I was at Buck. I laid out, lookdeved, lit and rendered everything in Modo for a quick turnaround. Comped in Nuke and Photoshop. We made a cool animated component to...

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Telstra Critter

While at Buck in 2013 I worked on this fun spot for Australian telecom company 'Telstra' in a 3d generalist role - contributing modeling, animation and lighting / rendering. I modeled and animated all the hard-surfaced assets and their various transformations...

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A series of 3d assets I was contracted to create in 2009 representing various vehicles from NASA's MSL mission. These were subsequently used in an MSL mission visualization by Maas Digital. $nbsp;


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This was a pitch conceptualized by Gmunk and myself for a BBC 5 bumper. Collaborative creative brain vomit. I created, textured, lit and rendered all the CG content...

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Chevy Malibu

One of the more rewarding projects of my early career. I contributed quite a bit of work in various capacities across a series of 3 commercials for Chevy Malibu directed by Joe Kosinski, whose project Tron:Legacy I later worked on. On this series of commercials,...

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