Offworld Native

Concept, Art Direction, Design For this more developed concept I had a brightly colored southwestern Kachina (Katsina) inspired figure in mind, but updated with future-tech. After getting the idea down on paper I modeled the helmet in 3d, which I composited over photographic plates that I...

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Lumpies Pitch

Some examples of a 3d character exploration I created during the early stages of an internal project. I was originally provided with some simple 2d artwork for the character, which I then expanded upon in 3d to explore the look and get a feel for...

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Dignity Health

A fun spot for Dignity Health I worked on while staff at Buck. The look and style of this spot was set by Alex Dingfelder and Audrey Yeo while I took care of scene exchange, lookdev, lighting, rendering and preliminary comping. We chose to complete...

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McDonald’s Happy

While staff at Buck in 2014 I worked on some of the many'McDonald's Happy' spots that were in-house at the time. The entire 3d department was involved at various times as we had a seemingly endless succession of spots. I contributed 3d Generalist tasks across...

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A CG set and balloon ear created by artist and designer John Niehuss for Facebook while at Buck.

Facebook Made

While staff at Buck we worked on several projects for Facebook including this one featuring James Turrell inspired spaces, bizarre art installations, and whimsical Wonka-style machines. For my contributions I created, in their entirety, a few fully CG environments from asset creation to rigging, animation,...

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A few images from a pitch deck for a Mini-Cooper project that fell through while I was at Buck. I laid out, lookdeved, lit and rendered everything in Modo for a quick turnaround. Comped in Nuke and Photoshop. We made a cool animated component to...

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In 2012, while at Digital Domain, I joined the 3d team on Joe Kosinski's 'Oblivion.' I worked on a variety of lookdev, lighting, rendering and design tasks as well as grooming and styling the hair for the Tom Cruise digital double. This was my last...

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v8 Fusion

For this fun 2011 spot I initially did some remote styleframe work - shading, lighting, rendering and comping the carrot-man. From there I headed to Buck New York and did everything for the "raining bananas" shot: styleframing, modeling, texturing, shading, layout, camera, animating, lighting, rendering...

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A quick one-man job while at Buck. All cg and comp.  


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