Smoke Free Ravens

One of two slick anti-smoking campaigns created by Buck LA. For this spot, "Ravens," I contributed the design and modeling of the raven as well as some miscellaneous modeling / UVing / texturing for the another character.   ...

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History Channel

One of my first jobs during at Buck LA, and lots of fun to work on, in this spot for the History Channel I animated the car cruising the track, the engine piston cross section, the camera tour of the inside of the vehicle and,...

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Chevy Malibu

One of the more rewarding projects of my early career. I contributed quite a bit of work in various capacities across a series of 3 commercials for Chevy Malibu directed by Joe Kosinski, whose project Tron:Legacy I later worked on. On this series of commercials,...

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Mercedes Benz Opera

A Carl Rinsch spot I worked on while at Digital Domain in 2007. Full 3d generalist mode: Modeling. Texturing. Lookdev. Animation. Lighting. Rendering.


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A fun and challenging job I did at Digital Domain back in 2007. As a generalist I contributed animation, lookdev, lighting and rendering as well as design and creation of the various accessories - grappling hooks, rockets, tank treads etc - that pop out of...

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